Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Classes This Spring

The new semester starts Monday.  I've got until then to get four courses configured.  This coming semester I am teaching (again):

  • Basic PTM
  • Scenic Fabrication & Installation
  • Entertainment Rigging
  • Studiocraft AutoCAD
I think that this is maybe the 8th time through the first two classes, something like the 6th for the rigging class, and a whopping 14th time through the CAD class.

By Monday I need completed syllabi for the first two classes.  I have until Friday for the second two.  I think the Scenofab syllabus will be complete but I am dubious about the BPTM edition.  Basic PTM has something on the order of 14 guest spots and over the years it has become more and more difficult to pin those dates down before the semester actually begins; so for that class I think the written part of the syllabus will be done, but the schedule will be a mass of TBDs.  This is compounded this semester because for at least 7 of the sessions I not only need to find a date but I actually need to find someone to appear.

The Entertainment Rigging syllabus will also probably come with a bunch of TDBs on the schedule.  In this case it is built that way.  The class content is composed of student presentations.  The students pick a pool of topics which are then assigned to them randomly (although after the assignments are made they are allowed to trade) and then once the students have their topics they pick the presentation dates they want (theoretically based on the demands of their schedules).  Usually it works out that I do the early sessions and they sort of fill in from the end of the semester forward.

I could probably do a CAD syllabus with one hand tied behind my back while blindfolded.  There's good and bad parts to that.  Biggest issue there is not being stale.  Lately the class has been more difficult for me than the kids.  Every time AutoDesk revises the program and the interface they seem to make it more intuitive - so easier for the kids to pick up (since they don't know the legacy interface) and more difficult for me to learn - old dog new tricks.  I have a grad assistant that wants to teach this class this round.  That's not hard to say yes to.

Be nice if I could crank through this paperwork tomorrow.  Watch this space to find if I managed it.

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