Tuesday, January 06, 2015

TANBI Florida Tour 2014

It was time for the boy to do a Florida swing. First off he helped us pack - that's usually Freya's job. This also hatched a Shark Tank idea: "Suitcase/Pack & Play."

He did ok on the flight down.  Passed out on the tray tables.  We lucked out and the middle seat between me and Mrs. TANBI was empty, so we had a little more room to operate.

First stop was to see his Great-Grandmother.  I never got to meet a great grandparent, so I though this was really cool.  I'm not sure the boy understood the significance.  Did you know that babies under 3 aren't allowed in public pools in Palm Beach County?  So, no swimming here, just enjoying the atmosphere.

Since there was no swimming at the pool we made a side trip to the beach.  Once we got there we decided that there was a lot of potential for swallowing sea water and/or sand, so it was a good time, but we'll have to take him back when he's older to get the whole experience.

Sandwiching the beach trip the boy got to meet his Great Aunt.  Shouldn't that really be "Grand Aunt?"  It's my mother's sister or the boy's grandmother's sister.  That sounds like Grand Aunt to me rather than Great Aunt.  Whatever the true name of the relationship she is both Great and Grand.

The logistics of taking these photos clearly preoccupied my posing for it.  Also, the odds of snapping the shutter when the baby is looking at the camera... unlikely.  Clearly I have quite a bit to work on as family photographer.

And then it was time for the trip home.  We scored an empty middle seat again and the boy was the hit of the plane.

Now he's already looking forward to his next adventure.

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