Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Transmission Transition

What do you do when the AAMCO guys say your car needs North of $2k in repairs and the Blue Book on your car is South of $2k?

Call Oprah. "And you get a car!!!"

Thanks much to Larry Good at Day Ford in Monroeville. We said we'd spread his name around. He got us a good deal.

Well, really it was Mrs. TANBI that secured the good deal. She was a monster negotiator. A force to be reckoned with. Also we should say that the real hero at Day Ford is Nancy. We would like to buy our next car from her (unfortunately she doesn't sell cars).

So, here is Mrs. TANBI with her new wheels. Spunky, like her, that's just how she rolls. Sporty Ford Focus 5-door, low miles, automatic everything, moon roof, 37 MPG highway, and a blaupunkt. Not bad for 3 hours of shopping.

Give her a call. Maybe she'll take you for a ride.

(oh, and if anyone has any freelance work, we're both now looking - got ourselves a new payment to make and all...)


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine just had his (same focus) stolen. Apparently it's a high demand stolen item. Take care of her!


Katy said...

Call me at CSSI. I have some drafting that Ross said I could hire you for, we are swamped and I need it quick.