Friday, December 15, 2006

A Brief Interlude - Really

For those student readers, or people that know students, what follows is a list of words that might make sense to use instead of "really"...

absolutely actual actually admittedly almost certainly amen assuredly authentically awful awfully be assured believe me beyond doubt beyond question bloody* but good* by far captivated categorically cert certainly clearly completely conclusively consumed correctly de facto decidedly deep deeply def definitely determinedly direct directly distinctly doubtless doubtlessly downright easily eminently emphatically engrossed enormously especially exactly exceedingly exceptionally excessively existing extraordinarily extremely faithfully fascinated firmly fixed flat out* flat* for real* genuinely gone* greatly held highly honestly hugely immensely immersed immoderatelyin actuality in effect in fact in reality in spades* in truth indeed indisputably indubitably inordinately intent involved jolly legitimately literally literatim lost mighty much mucho* no catch* no doubt no kicker no mistake* not figuratively notably of course parlous plainly plenty positively powerful precisely preoccupied probably profoundly rapt real remarkably right right on* rightly rigorouslysimply so straight straight out strictly strikingly strongly superlatively supremely sure sure enough* surely surpassingly tangibleterribly terrifically too much tremendously truly unambiguously undeniably undeviatingly undisputably undoubtedly unequivocally unerringly unmistakably unquestionably unusually vastly verbatim verily veritably very very muchvitally well why sure wrapped wrapped up*

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