Thursday, December 07, 2006


Every company worth its salt has some logo-wear, yes? So Carnegie Mellon Drama, TANBI, and the Crazy Scheme present:


For the "on the go" and stylish Crazy Schemer who doesn't want to catch a chill but still wants to look professional. Grey fleece vest with zipper and embroidered graphics, its what all the cool kids will be wearing this holiday season (that may be the first time some of them have been called "cool"). I am not certain, but I think I may have finally lost my mind - and a few bucks as this one was a privately funded jaunt.

Front Logo:

This year has seen the implementation of the "Production Information, Nuance, & Operations" curriculum - otherwise known as Too Stupid to Teach. While researching this offering, we came across a book called Moving Heavy Things by Jan Adkins, which as it turns out has no actual relationship with theatre but did have an entry in it that the author labels "The Stagehand's Rule." This quotation was so perfect that I have added it to our ethos and included it on the inaugural SchemeWear item...

On the back:

Something we should all remember all the time that is!

"So where can I get my SchemeWear fleece vest?" you are asking. I am so glad you did. It's a nice gift for my above the liners, but I would love to make up the cost of this little adventure. And who knows, if I don't take a bath this time maybe I will do it again. I think some long sleeve T's would be nice. Contact me by email if you'd like to purchase your very own vest. At the moment they are listing at $30. If I sell out what I have and need to place another order that price might change. Supplies are limited so act fast!


peg said...

I've been banned from the tagboard? What did I say?

David said...

a spammer spoofed your IP. I may have to dump the tagboard. :-(

Anonymous said...

Did I say "Thank You?"

Thank you....

They are so nice and warm...I bet I won't get another Christmas present as thoughtful as this. I mean, I asked my parents for a blender....but that doesn't have much personality.