Monday, December 18, 2006

Operation "Dinner Out"

or "Pittsburgh's Rainbow Room"

Tonight my Grandparent-In-Laws (?) took me and Mrs. TANBI out to dinner for the holiday's and for my wife's birthday (Tagboard birthday greetings for Mrs. TANBI are appropriate on the 20th). We went to the Monterey Bay Fish Grotto on Mount Washington.

The food is quite good (and commensurately priced). They do fresh fish, maybe 20 varieties each with a handful of different preparations. The desserts are also fantastic and different pretty much every time. The first time I went I had an apple cheesecake. Last time I had something called a pumpkin martini which was based on pumpkin ice cream. This time me and the missus split a Chocolate Soufle Latte. Which was a hot chocolate soufle in a coffee cup with steamed milk on top.

Very nice.

But the strange thing is, at the Mount Washington incarnation of this establishment (there is also a Monroeville Mall location) the food is almost an afterthought. What really sells the place, is the atmosphere and the view:

nice, huh? This is the place you take people to impress. I wonder when my next opportunity will be.

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