Sunday, December 17, 2006

What Did You Do WIth Your Weekend?

Mrs. TANBI & I did a side gig.

We went from receiving this:

Which we converted into this:
and then broke down to this:
And finished with this:

It is the entry way for a tent of some kind for the Pittsburgh First Night celebration. For the record, I'd estimated 2 people, 2 days and $600. We finished for $400, but we dropped 33 hours into it using three people (thank you Hardwareman). So all the people who's labor estimates I am constantly upping - it turns out that my numbers are perhaps a little low as well (just a smidge anyway).

The job went pretty well. Check out the video below to see the first assembly of the piece. We call this type of move an "Iwo Jima" for obvious reasons. I have to admit, while we were filming, I briefly had the notion we might be taping something for America's Funniest Home Videos. But it came out all right.


BLP said...

That is an excellent illustration of a "two person" Iwo Jima.

It illustrates the importance of the footer once you pass the CG (or the CG passes you...), I've seen things go very wrong with pretty top heavy units when the footer didn't quite understand how critical their job was right at that point.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed! Good Job Team!