Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Poor Prop Joe

Have you been watching The Wire? Last night you certainly couldn't say nothing happened. Poor Prop Joe, after doing the best police work of the season Omar didn't just take the package, he took the shipment. Singlehandedly (alright, he had a few helpers) he's done what the cops have been unable to do for three seasons - he's effectively ended heroine dealing in Baltimore. Its a novel approach you must admit. Don't bother with arresting the dealers, just steal all of their stock.

Except for Omar everything be on a steep down hill for everyone. Prop Joe gets ripped, Marlow gonna get popped, all four of the kids are essentially on the street, Kima is turning out to be lazy, Herc is going to get fired if not charged, everyone is about to get a truckload of names in red, and Bubbles - Bubbles killed his only friend while trying to poison the guy that's been stealing from him. And on top of that, the gym owner got shot and the school is making the hoppers study for the state test in their special class.

No, you certainly couldn't say that nothing happened this week.

There's only the one week left though. It looks like they're going to bust Malow's soldiers. I wonder if they will get Marlow. He's supposedly been the target all season, and they've never actually managed to arrest the target. Seems more likely Omar will deal with him. Maybe Carcetti should look at Omar for Chief of Police. He's been looking for a minority, local candidate. Omar certainly fits the bill.

Somehow I don't think so.

Anyway, if this all sounds like Charlie Brown adults to you then you ought to be watching The Wire instead of reading this. Amongst very elite company it is one of the best shows on television, hands down.

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