Monday, December 10, 2012

And the Next Podcast

The Latest and greatest...

This Week's Articles:

  • Should Universities Let College Athletes Major In Sports?
  • TechShop to Open Pittsburgh Location in Bakery Square in February
  • Kirk Douglas and 6 Blacklisted Actors and Writers Who Defied Hollywood
  • Columbia University MFA Students to Get Equity Status
  • From Denzel Washington's 'Flight' to 'Parenthood': Inside the Fight Over Trademarks
  • Happy Teens Grow Up to Be Wealthier Too
  • Shredded police documents found in Macy's parade confetti
  • How That Football Field Was Blown Up in The Dark Knight Rises
  • No students move following CU dorm segregation for gun owners
  • In Midtown, Disney Offers a 'Pop-up' Look at 'The Lion King'  
Give it a look/listen - let me know what you think!

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