Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Worth a Look

Here are a few posts from last week's Greenpage that might be worth your time:

Should Universities Let College Athletes Major In Sports?

ThinkProgress: Amid the fog of scandal and shame at some of our biggest institutions, the role academics play in the big business of college athletics has come under more scrutiny. With players taking made up courses in made up schools, and with schools fudging grades to keep players eligible, the NCAA has taken steps in recent years to bolster academic standards. But it continues to ignore the most important fact that is staring top-level college sports in the face: many of the athletes are in school because the model we have created makes going to college the most logical step toward becoming a professional athlete. Many “student-athletes” are students simply because they are athletes, and the education they truly care about is the one that occurs on the field, not the one that happens off of it.

TechShop to Open Pittsburgh Location in Bakery Square in February

techburgher.com: TechShop, a membership-based, do-it-yourself workshop and fabrication studio, announced construction has begun on a new location in Pittsburgh’s Bakery Square to open in February, 2013. “Pittsburgh has been at the heart of American ingenuity, making and manufacturing since it was founded. We are excited to open this location in an area with a deep ecosystem of great technology-related companies and institutions,” said Mark Hatch, CEO of TechShop. “Our newest location will offer programs that support the growing community of makers and innovators by providing tools, equipment, software and instruction in a large, open workshop space.”

Kirk Douglas and 6 Blacklisted Actors and Writers Who Defied Hollywood

Hollywood Reporter: People who were blacklisted fled the country, worked under pseudonyms, or didn't work at all until Kirk Douglas took a stand and helped break the Blacklist with "Spartacus."

Columbia University MFA Students to Get Equity Status

backstage.com: Staying financially solvent while studying acting can be a challenge for many, but students of the Theatre Program at Columbia University’s School of the Arts and the Classic Stage Company (CSC) will benefit from a new agreement recently struck between the school and the Actors’ Equity Association (AEA). According to the deal, third-year MFA acting students will be eligible to join the AEA. Additionally, each year two MFA students in stage management will also be able to join.

From Denzel Washington's 'Flight' to 'Parenthood': Inside the Fight Over Trademarks

Hollywood Reporter: When the Mayans foretold of a 2012 disaster, were they referring to a Hollywood "trademarklawpocalypse"? Consider these recent legal fights: The owner of William Faulkner's intellectual property rights sued Sony Pictures Classics on Oct. 25 over two lines used in Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris. Anheuser-Busch, maker of Budweiser, objected on legal grounds to Denzel Washington's overconsumption of its beer in Paramount's Flight. And publishing house Rizzoli demanded in October that NBC stop using "Rizzoli" as Ray Romano's character name on Parenthood.

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