Monday, August 19, 2013

Good Idea/Bad Idea

Festool has a new barrel grip sabre saw.  It looks really cool and has a bushel of interesting features.  The "killer app" feature seems to be an LED based work light that strobes and is synched to the travel of the blade.  Time the light properly to the speed of the light and it appears to stop moving...

So my question is: is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Looking at the press it seems to suggest that having the appearance of the blade not moving makes it easier to follow a line while cutting.  A little bit I think the plastic chip insert will probably have a bigger impact than the strobe.  But not having used the saw I guess it isn't fair to talk about the ease of use.

I just can't get over the thought that if the blade doesn't look like it is moving that there's that much more chance that an operator will have a brain burp and stick a finger in there.  There'll be a piece of debris by the blade and when looking in there won't appear to be any danger and before your brain can shout "HEY THAT BLADE IS ACTUALLY MOVING" your hand would be moving and then bleeding.

But maybe not.

I wonder if this is going to be a trend with all tools.  I could easily see timed strobes with drills or circ saws too.  Gonna have to be something to get used to.

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Scotty said...

This is beyond stupid. Even if it makes it a thousands times easier to see a line it's just fucking stupid to make the blade look Ike it's not moving. I can't even imagine how they got this past the lawyers.