Monday, August 05, 2013

Last Week of Precollege

And just like that it was over.  I feel like this summer went more quickly than others.  It's too bad.  I really like doing precollege.  It is so much less stressful than the regular year.  I guess half the classes and a total lack of production will do that.

So what's left?

For the drafting class I have to grade assignment four and finish mentoring and then grade assignment five.  So that's grading 20 plates of drafting if everyone finishes (it's feeling like pretty much everyone will.

For tech production the kids have their estimating assignment due Tuesday, so there's grading that.  Tuesday will be class time on that project and discussing the results.  I have to come up with something for Thursday; maybe knot tying or TaitStages on the Slingbox.

I have to finalize and publish the interview schedule.  Should try to do that tomorrow.  As a side gig I need to finish revising the interview forms and scoring rubric.  That's not about precollege, but I took it onto myself and the group will need the new forms Friday or we go another year without revising so we keep apples and apples (otherwise the precollege interviews happen with different paperwork from the regular interviews and we get apples and oranges: candidates we can't compare).

And evaluations.

Sounds achievable without too much stress.  Let's see how we do.

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