Friday, August 09, 2013

Worth a Look

Here are a few posts from last week's Greenpage that might be worth your time...

Man Pleads Guilty in Plot to Defraud Broadway Producers A former Long Island stockbroker accused of bilking the producers of a planned Broadway musical production of “Rebecca” pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges on Monday, admitting that he had conjured up fictitious overseas investors and a phantom loan as part of a sham effort to rescue the financially troubled show.

LMI Will Scan You But it Won't be Pretty

CAD Insider: LMI Technologies is pandering to the crowd. A company best known for 3D measurement in manufacturing applications is not above showing a babe in very short shorts. It's only a model of a babe, so even better for the CG-loving, Wierd Science* crowd at SIGGRAPH. She stands tall as we enter the exhibit hall.

The famed Times Square TKTS booth turns 40 Hundreds of tourists and New Yorkers show up each day at the famed TKTS booth in the heart of Times Square with questions about Broadway shows. Often they're very interesting questions. Like: "Can I get a ticket to see the 'Superman' musical"? Or, "Are there seats available for 'The Comedy of Edward Foote'''? And, "What about 'Cats'? We really want to see 'Cats.'" To which the answers are: "You probably mean 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark' and, yes, tickets are available." Or, "Might you be actually referring to 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood'''? And finally, "No, sorry, 'Cats' closed in 2000."

10 Of The Strangest Theme Bars And Restaurants On Earth; If you love world-building with your food, then you've probably visited a theme restaurant once in a while. But have you ever seen anything as weird as these ten theme restaurants?

Snapple Brings Facts To Life With Lady Liberty's Giant Summer Sandal

NY1: Everyone needs a good summer sandal, and Lady Liberty is no exception. According to Snapple, the Statue of Liberty wears a size 879 shoe, which is one of almost a thousand facts found under the caps of Snapple drinks. The company brought the fact to life in Midtown on Monday, setting up Lady Liberty's sandal at 6th Avenue and 50th Street.

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