Saturday, September 07, 2013

Collaborative Storytelling

"Adric wasn't supposed to have had this long to regret his decision..."
  • Becca Rebecca He'd expected to be busted weeks ago ....
  • Cassandra Hamilton Thank goodness his wife, Tess, kept his secrets.
  • Alec Hammond Tess, while filing out this year's 1040 thought "As long as my fetus survives Adric's secret is his own business."
  • Michael Chemers Adric watched her filling out the form with her neat, angry calligraphy thinking, not for the first time and not without a certain wistfulness, that meeting her was the worst thing that had ever happened to him.
  • David Boevers But now it wasn't just his problem. One misstep now would be... unfortunate for all three of them.
  • David Boevers He recognized the tentative cadence, at least this wasn't something to worry about. The only time the woman across the hall dared to knock on his door was when she couldn't figure out what her grandchildren had done to the TV. He wouldn't miss her at all.
  • Nicole Addis He opened the door to answer the knock of the old woman. Her perfume entered his apartment before the door was wide enough to see her.
  • Cassandra Hamilton As did the badge and gun nuzzle the old bat agilily pressed to his nose.
  • Corey David Just as Adric was about to say "hello" the neighbors cat leaped from her haggard shoulders and ran into his apartment. She shuffled in after it without a seconds delay, and was at awe...
  • David Boevers "Hands in the air!" she barked in a tone Adric would never have associated with the old woman. "And if you know what's good for you, you'll stay still until Officer Mittens finishes her sweep!"
  • Eloise Albrecht Mittens quickly finished the perimeter sweep that cats normally do in a strange room, but then, quite uncharacteristically, sat back on her haunches and said "they're clean". Adric felt the room spin as he tried to reorganize his sense of reality fast enough to keep his his family together through this newest challenge.
  • Jake Rothermel "You checked everywhere? Nothing?" the old woman asked. "'They're clean,' means THEY ARE CLEAN, Agent White," replied the cat, angrily dipping its head to start unceremoniously cleaning itself in the middle of Adric's cheap knockoff Persian rug.
  • Cassandra Hamilton "Really?" snapped the old woman. She wagged her gun in the direction of Tess who was struggling to descretely slide the 1040 into her purse. "How about skipp'n your balls, Agent Mittens, and getting the bad lady before she runs?"
  • Michael Chemers Adric was at a complete loss, and experienced fury that Tess, damn her, seemed to take it all in perfect stride, as if this new event was no more unmotivated than the distant tinkling of an ice cream truck advertising it's presence; something to be remarked upon, however briefly, and then just as casually dismissed.
  • David Boevers "i'd grab the bad lady if we could PROVE she was a bad lady. I told you to wait, and now we've got nothing - again. I'll be in the car." and with that Officer S.W. Mittens leapt out the window in one fluid motion.
  • Michael Chemers A long moment. "Did you see that--" began Adric, but Tess whirled on him. "Oh, nothing's ever good enough for you, is it?" She looked at him with a firey disdain that he had heretofore seen her reserve only for shellfish, which she detested. "I'm sick of it. Sick of it and sick of you, Gordon."
  • David Boevers An hour later, White and Mittens were at their regular table at the diner trying to put this morning's failed bust behind them. They were splitting a tuna lunch, White with mayo, crackers, and a black coffee, Mittens with a dish of tepid milk. Mittens casually lit up a joint.
  • Bonnie McDonald Stark Back at Adric's apartment, there came another knock at the back door, more insistent. "Hello?" A woman's voice. "Hello! Are you still in there?!? Hello?" Another knock, banging this time. "Hello?! It's your car! Something's happened in the car park! Hello!!"
  • Michael Chemers White, back at the restaurant, stared disconsolately into her tea, and muttered almost inaudibly: "I'm convinced that if we go back there now, we'll see what we're looking for, maybe in his car already." "Fuck you and your fucking hunches," mrowed Mittens.
  • David Boevers Mittens stubbed out the joint on the pad of a front paw and said "Let's go, we're late for roll call."
  • David Boevers - THE END -

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