Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Year Number Three

A couple of years ago friends asked me to build them a Sukkah for their porch.  I grabbed a couple of students to help out and on one long Sunday we cranked out a structure.  It was built to break down and store, using 10 panels that bolt together.  I was going to use 1x3, but it turned out that 2x3 was less than half the cost of 1x6, so the framing feels a little beefy.

My favorite detail was the sunset windows.  It was a totally on the fly design decision and it really came out neat.  My friend and her kids covered the middle windows with tissue paper to create a stained glass feel - way cool.

This is year three for this assembly.  After all that time and two winters storing outside under a tarp there's really been minimal degradation.  I'm really amazed the plastic tarps have held up, and the fact that the tissue paper has lasted that long is amazing.  If you look at the righthand roof panel you can see the one damaged piece.  Last year one of the rafters cracked so we had to scab on an extension this time.  Also, some of the pieces seemed like they didn't manage to stay dry and so we've got a little mold on a couple of pieces.  We're hoping a little bleach will walk that back.

I wonder how many more years it'll last.

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