Sunday, September 08, 2013

Worth a Look

Here are a few articles from last week's Greenpage that might be worth your time...

Hip-hop remix of “Othello” strikes a chord with prison inmates Act I, Scene 1: Four actors in well-worn coveralls and baseball caps take the stage at the county jail. They’re here to tell a tale of love, friendship, jealousy and betrayal. It’s the stuff of Shakespearean tragedy. The names and themes haven’t changed over the centuries, but the language has a modern beat:
“Othello never knew,
He was getting schemed on by a member of his crew.”

What Killed Shakespeare Santa Cruz?

Parabasis: Shakespeare Santa Cruz, a theater that helped give birth to the careers of many friends of mine, including my mentor in college, is gone, definitely for good and very abruptly.It's a sad story-- it's always sad when theaters close their doors, even if sometimes the mismanagement issues at the heart of their closure are infuriating-- and it's guaranteed to reverberate throughout the national theater community. While we seem to be past the post-bust days when theaters across America were closing as a direct result of their overbuilding, the sustainability crisis in the American theater feels far from over. Whenever I hear about major theaters in their areas that are sitting on serious debt and building maintenance sinkholes. I worry that these stories will start appearing again more regularly.

Why you won’t see or hear the ‘I have a dream’ speech

The Washington Post: Fifty years ago this week, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous “I have a dream” speech. But in coverage of events celebrating its anniversary, the entirety of King’s address will rarely be reprinted, if at all, nor will viewers see footage of his speech delivered in full.

Changing the Narrative on Gun Control: Is Theater Up to the Task?

HowlRound: When Caridad Svich proposed a Gun Control Theatre Action in January, I was skeptical. At the time, I was preoccupied as a research volunteer to the March on Washington for Gun Control. For me, the massacre at Sandy Hook was the moment when art and theater were rendered useless. No play could be written that would do justice to the outrage of schoolchildren gunned down in the name of what? Second amendment freedoms? A crazy guy’s right to own an AK-47?

Solidarity is For Miley Cyrus: The Racial Implications of her VMA Performance As a black woman, I feel like I owe a debt of gratitude to Mikki Kendall, of Solidarity Is For White Women fame for managing to so perfectly encapsulate years of subjugation of black women by white women. With those five words, she was able to instantly zero in on why Intersectional Feminism is so necessary if the feminist movement is to progress.


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