Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Deck Day Two

Another bizarre geometry from the panorama photo.  Check out what it does to the car driving by:

Good progress today.  Looks like the thing is mostly framed in.  They found the ugly spot they made with the change they inadvertently made yesterday.  I think one of the carps came up with a reasonable solution.  The solution will mean a change to the railings that I think they aren't anticipating, so again it will be wait and see.

I think I found another ugly spot today.  We were talking about the joint between the fascia and the ground.  I think we came to an ok conclusion there, but when I looked at it again tonight I discovered that the front carrying beam and the fascia are going to do something weird.  I think the beam will have to carry out past the end of the front fascia in order to pick up the end joist.  It'll happen on both ends.  Not sure I like it, not sure there's anything to be done really (also, a little bit I think both of the side fascias are a little odd).

But this isn't their first rodeo.  Maybe they'll surprise me.

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