Monday, August 18, 2014

Deck the Yard

Mrs. TANBI and I have decided that we're adding a deck to the front of our house.  Maybe it's not a deck, maybe it's a porch.  But it feels more like a deck.  When we started the project we thought it was going to happen mid-July but it turned out that it would have to be mid-August.  That was supposed to be late last week, but it turned out to be today.

So here's day one:

Footings and support beams.  That near beam is not bent like that - we're seeing a panorama artifact.  Mostly it looks like good work so far.  They guys do appear to have made a design change.  The top of the deck was supposed to be one step down from the stoop and they appear to have roughed it in flush.  Strangely that was a change we were planning to give them anyway, so no harm done.  There are two potential ugly spots that domino out from that change.  We'll have to see how it develops.

I thought about doing Baby TANBI's footprints in the footing as it set, but the concrete is buried in soil.  Oh well.

So now the next question is "Will they be back tomorrow?"  Makes me wonder about writing a "Contractor Customer Protection Agreement" for future projects.  Item #1:  If I'm not going to show I will call to let you know ahead of time.

Watch this space.

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