Saturday, August 02, 2014

On 30 Posts in 30 Days

So I did it.  I mean, less than three days in I had failed by strict evaluation but under 21st century evaluation I think I did alright.  Actually the missing the deadline thing is one of the things I learned from the whole thing.  Let's start with that.

Something about how my life is structured right now means that I can't really find a moment to sit in front of the computer to write until after 11pm.  That doesn't mean I don't find time to sit in front of a computer before that; I spend an inordinate amount of my time in front of a screen.  It just means that this sort of writing seems to get pushed off to the back even when I have tried to make it a priority.  Just to make the point even more clear this is happening right now.

I seem to really not want to take a position anymore.  Looking back through the archive there are all sorts of posts taking one or another firm position on political issues.  Right now I could talk about ebola or Gaza or immigration but strangely I don't.  I'll point at it obliquely in an "Ellipses..." post but the oomph required to generate an entire post seems to have left me.  Not sure what the root of that could be.

I could have an endless supply of posts if Gavri came over every day to play with my Lego.  All things being equal I am not sure those are the posts people want to read... all six of you.

As a side note I have pretty rigidly refused to post links to this blog in any of my other internet homes.  Last week I dropped a link for the comment voting on the new @NFTRW_Feed twitter stream, but at that time that stream had only 6 followers.  I wonder if I would be more or less motivated to write if I cross linked the posts to Facebook or my personal Twitter.

There would probably be even more photo posts if I could manage to get my iCloud photo linking to work better between my phone and my laptop.  It's all set up, but the results are totally intermittent and that means if I want to do a post with a photo I have to wait until I download the camera, email the photo to myself (which BTW my new work email won't let me do either), or sync the phone.  It's not a huge impediment, but it isn't greasing the wheels either.

I still haven't come up with a firm policy on my child's presence here online.  Should I use his name or "Baby TANBI"?  Can I post pictures?  I've been all over the place.  Perhaps that's the policy: all over the place.  Like Lego projects I am not sure my audience is looking for daddy blogging.

At the top of July I made a list of topics for posts with 20 possible posts.  In the end I used 3.  I guess preplanning isn't a guarantee of high posting tempo. So I am not going to try to do a post each day of August, but I will try to keep the post tempo up.


Peg said...

I thought it was only right to post a comment. Thanks for the post-a-day challenge. I think about starting up my own blog every so often and then, I dunno, I can't bring myself to do it. P.S. All this talk about Legos got us to get Scott's old Legos from his mom's house. We built stuff today. I made a house. A nice, rectangular house with a door and a window. You know, your classic Lego Bunker House. (I'm not so much a fan of the specialty pieces. They seem anti-Lego to me somehow.)

David said...

I also don't much like the "specials" or at least I don't like the newer variety. Things like steering wheels or windows are cool. It's the large, odd, molded shapes that bug me. Part of the challenge was figuring out how to manage that without them.

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