Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Flash Earth Answers

Site #1: Carnegie Mellon University. Purnell Center, Chosky Theatre roof DSR if you are Captain Anal.
Site #2: Paris Hotel/Casino, Las Vegas. For the Captain: Eiffel Tower observation deck.
Site #3: Former Site of the World Trade Center, Manhattan.
Site #4: EPCOT Center, Florida. Showcase Plaza if you are some kind of freak.
Site #5: Cloudy day at Mount Rushmore
Site #6: This would be the house I grew up in.
Site #7: The Pentagon, Arlington
Site #6a: The cathedral at the USAF Academy, Colorado Springs - that was for my Dad
Site #7a: B'hai Temple, Wilmette IL
Site #8: This is the only one I am not sure about because I couldn't get the thing to behave. I believe this is the Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico.
Site #9: Saint Peter's Square, The Vatican. It isn't square, is it?
Site #10: Sydney Opera House. Resolution very disappointing.

Ben Peoples got the closest. Everyone that got my childhood home I assume was guessing, unless that first anonymous post is someone from my past.

It's interesting what you can see and you can't, where there is no imagery and where there is. There even appears to be a disparity between Google and MSN. One of them has crystal clear views of all of Area 51 and the rest of Nellis - on the other its just blacked out. Although, a true conspiracy theorist would assume that the pics you can see are in some way false. I don't recommend flying over it yourself to check.

How did you do?


caitlin said...

It's actually spelled Baha'i, not B'hai. Common mistake. Baha, is Farsi, means "glory".

-Leutenant Anal, Second in Command

Peg said...

It's actually spelled "Lieutenant."

(I mean, if you're gonna point out a grammatical error...)

caitlin said...

Damn, you're right. That's why I'm not Captain Anal.