Sunday, October 09, 2005

Round Two

People liked that so much, let's go again...

Again, no peeking. You may have to zoom in and out a little to get a picture - I don't know why.

Have the big fun!


Anonymous said...

#9 looks like vatican city.


Anonymous said...

#6: HFNSN Pnqrg Puncry (V unq n uhapu vg jnf gur HFNSN naq ybbxrq ba gurve jrofvgr)
#7: Ybbxf yvxr gur Jbeyq'f Snve fvgr va Puvpntb
#8: Nerpvob (xarj vg, ohg qvqa'g xabj jung vg jnf pnyyrq)
#9: Fg Crgre'f Fdhner (Ingvpna)
#10: Flqarl Bcren Ubhfr

Ben said...

Er... that didn't post who I was. N.b., it's in rot13 to avoid spoilers.

Katy said...

6. I have no idea.
7. Adler Planetarium? (its Chicago, I know that much)
8. Jamaica... your honeymoon resort?
9. The Vatican/St. Peter's Square
10. Sydney Opera House