Wednesday, July 04, 2007

We The People

It seems fitting that this editorial should come out on July 4, even more so since the act that precipitated it was scheduled not by the anchor but by the President. I've thought for quite some time that since during the previous presidential administration the congress set the bar for impeachment at lying under oath to a question about personal private behavior that no person in their right mind could possibly think the actions of the current administration haven't eclipsed that standard by far.

Sometimes it feels like the weight of all the issues just makes it too hard to know where to begin, and the parsed, nuanced, practiced actions and statements all clearly calibrated to stay just far enough in front of the rule of law are such that we can feel the pointlessness of trying to enforce the spirit of those laws. But we are a nation of laws, or at least we are supposed to be; and our leaders should actually be held to a higher standard of conduct than one as defined as the letter of the law or maybe the NFL standard of "just don't get caught."

Haven't we long since reached "enough is enough?" Haven't enough rules been re-written? Hasn't our reputation and standing declined enough? Haven't enough people died? Isn't it blindingly clear? And if so, why don't we do something?

From the open wastes of TV political coverage comes an opinion not spoon fed by the administration:

And with that I call upon you to take the lead from the piece above and add your weight. All the opinion of dissent in this nation needs is courage and momentum. Add to that momentum. On independence day, before you go about your celebration of our freedom, exercise some of your personal responsibility for that freedom. Call or write your representatives in congress and let them know you agree with the piece above, that enough is enough, and that this President's administration has severed the public trust to such a degree as to merit impeachment. Maybe the impeachment will fail, maybe it will succeed and will fail in the Senate, or maybe it will remove the sitting president from office; but regardless of the outcome, the actions on record more than demand the action.

You can get the contact information for your representatives HERE.

Take a moment and send your support of disciplinary action, and then forward the message to others you know and ask them to do the same. Something more than half of us didn't vote for the man in the first place, I can't believe that at least that many wouldn't want him held accountable for the actions of his administration. Why are we sitting on our hands? I don't ask people reading my page to forward it to others normally. I make this one exception. The opportunity is now. Let's make sure we don't miss it.

And, so the post isn't a total downer...

Happy 4th of July!

Ok, yes, I know, she's Australian. But the apparel is appropriate.


Stevie said...

Olbermann is my hero.
I'm not sure what it says about the current state of affairs that the two people on TV who are actually pointing out that the Emperor has no clothes are a former sportscaster (Olbermann) and a stand up comedian (Jon Stewart). I am sure, though, that it doesn't say anything GOOD.
When I saw this on Countdown last night, I cried.
Rahm Emmanuel lives next door to us. I already nailed my 95 Theses to his door.
Ok, I taped a note on his mailbox. Still, I'm thinking of putting the "I accuse you" statements from Olbermann's comment onto paper and tacking them up on the lightpoles around town.

Papamoka said...

Excellent point on contacting your elected representatives in the Congress. Far too many people think that writing or emailing your rep's will have no effect but it does.

July fourth of all days should remind us all who really owns the government and it is not by any means entirely owned by the suits in our nations capital.

Side bar... Great site Dave! I would like to exchange permanent links if you are up to it? Thanks for visiting my site as well.

A Piece Of Mind said...

wooot for Olbermann.

Excellent post...
People don't realize how much power their voices have involving any current affairs. Though 4th of July stands as a celebration, it should also serve as a reminder to the country that the power to change anything in America lies in what we do with our thoughts and opinions...