Saturday, October 04, 2008

Perhaps That's Her Achilles Heel

Sarah Palin's college daze. - By Timothy Noah - Slate Magazine: "Was she really unsure about the meaning or proper pronunciation of the word caricature? Had she truly failed to notice that John McCain jumped down Barack Obama's throat when Obama publicly proposed attacking al-Qaida in Pakistan's ungoverned tribal regions? Why couldn't she name a single newspaper or magazine that she read on a regular basis before being tapped for the national ticket? Why couldn't she name a single Supreme Court decision she disagreed with apart from Roe v. Wade?* In an earlier (2007) interview with Charlie Rose on PBS, why did Palin, after mentioning C.S. Lewis ('very, very deep') as a favorite author, go on to cite George Sheehan, a onetime columnist for Runner's World?"

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