Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So here's something cool I didn't know about the Mandalay Bay Hotel: Mandalay Bay has Sharkvision:

The hotel has this Shark Reef attraction. I'd been back in the day when I lived out there. It's a fairly cool aquarium. I'm not sure it's worth the ticket, but there's plenty of stuff out there that isn't. The gimmick here is that you can "pet a shark." Of course by "pet" they mean touch with the very end of your finger and by "shark" they mean tiny tiny variety of shark, so the petting a shark thing might not be all you hope it could be.

But I digress.

So in your room on like channel 87 or something there's a constantly running feed from the shark reef. Should you choose to do so you could lay in your tub in the bathroom while watching the sharks swim on the TV - I chose not to do that, but even just kicking back in bed and watching the sharks swim laps is fairly relaxing.

If you have the opportunity you should definitely partake.

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