Saturday, October 04, 2008

Fourth Anniversary Post

So this post is actually more than a month and a half overdue. Sometimes I guess life just gets in the way and we don't have all the time we might need for things like blogging. Plus I spend an awful lot of time maintaining the other blog, I average about 1500 articles a day coming in through my Google reader account - something for my own edification although it also generates this feed and the Green Page, and then there's Twitter, and most recently Facebook. It's a lot of computer time for one guy. Add Xeno Tactic and there's pretty much no time for CivIV, let alone StumbleUpon.

The RSS feeds thing has really changed the blog. I spend more time reading and less time writing, and when before I might see something on TV or hear something on the radio and then write about it; now I am more likely to read about it online and post a link. It's pretty much done away with the "Link of the Day" idea, although there are still occasionally that type of post. Posting in general had dropped way down until July when LoudTwitter started shipping batches of tweets as a daily post. Now the numbers are way up although contentwise we're still down.

The numbers:

TANBI 07-08
351 Posts
17 Ellipses

I'm back down under a post per day, but the automatic posts will jump it up again soon, and when you figure all the other activity, well, I am posting well above "hermit/loser" on the scale of unpaid online posting. Various data sources show around 700ish distinct viewers and roughly 100 page views each day. The counter rolled over 70,000 this year and is nearly already to 75k.

The whole idea of "most" photos or videos has sort of fallen apart because of the use of other sites for embed, and the meme thing is just so over - so we won't be counting those this year.

Best pic:
From Halloween2k7

Worst pic:
From There are no bad ideas

I don't know what I was on that day, but clearly I needed a nap.

Top 10 posts, as chosen by me - the guy that did them:

They are in no particular order. It's hard to compare being funny to being serious to home projects to work, but I think overall they're a good group. And representative of a decent year.

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