Wednesday, October 03, 2012

My Debate Would Have Been Better

I spent the day trying to come up with questions I would have liked to hear answered.  They didn't get to many of them.  Maybe in a subsequent debate.

  1. Mr President, once you said many people cling to guns or religion to explain their frustration. Why should those people vote for you? #DDQS
  2. Gov. Romney, you've said 47% of Americans won't vote for you. There is no mandate without them. Why should they change their minds? #DDQS
  3. President Obama, arguably one of your biggest challenges has been working with Congress. Why will that be better in a 2nd term? #DDQS
  4. Gov Romney, With each administration working w/ Congress has become more difficult, why would this be different in a Romney admin? #DDQS
  5. For both of you, you've previously mentioned "the rich", "working poor", and "middle class". What income levels do those represent? #DDQS
  6. Again for both. Many entry level jobs require a college degree. Should high school students be better prepared for the workplace? #DDQS
  7. Mr. President, Why have we still not closed our detention camp at Guantanamo Bay? #DDQS
  8. Governor Romney, why isn't the electorate entitled to see your complete tax history? #DDQS
  9. Make the other guy's case: Mr. President, why should everyone get a tax cut? Mr. Romney, why limit the cut to earners under $250K #DDQS
  10. Governor Romney, what did the federal government do wrong in response to hurricane Katrina? How can we do better in the future? #DDQS
  11. Mr. President, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act seems to be flawed. Did the government cause the banking crisis and how can it be fixed? #DDQS
  12. Question for both, what role if any should the federal government play in a national scientific research agenda? Where would you lead? #DDQS
  13. Question for both: What is Congress' role in today's much faster - more undeclared, less geographically fixed - military actions? #DDQS
  14. President Obama, is the President responsible for statements and actions of government agencies? What should be done when they fail? #DDQS
  15. Question for both: Which TV or movie President would you hope your Presidency most resembles and why? #DDQS (fluffy but substantive)
  16. Mr. President is there racial intolerance in this country and if so what is government's role in combatting it? #DDQS
  17. Governor, is there religious intolerance in this country and what, if any, is government's role in combatting it? #DDQS
  18. Governor, there's been little discourse, let alone prosecutions, in the aftermath of the bank bailout. Should there have been arrests? #DDQS
  19. Mr. President, we've had little talk, let alone prosecutions after 9/11 era civil liberty violations. Should there have been arrests? #DDQS
  20. Question for both: What sport most closely portrays the American Dream, and why? #DDQS
  21. Governor, the platform cuts programs many Americans need to get through rough times in their life. What happens to them? #DDQS
  22. Mr. President, regulations cause many businesses to suffer as compared to foreign competition. How will you help these job creators? #DDQS
For the record I forgot to ask: US military spending is nearly 5 times the spending of the next highest nation (China).  Is there a scenario where we can be secure as a country spending only 3 times as much as the next nation?

My debate would have been better.

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