Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Worth A Look

Here are five articles from last weeks Greenpage that might be worth your time...

'Trek' star's own history inspires new musical

The Denver Post: George Takei has plenty of practice exploring strange new worlds on TV and film, but delving into a painful time in his family's life onstage is something even he never imagined. Takei and his family were among thousands of Japanese-Americans put in internment camps during World War II. The 75-year-old "Star Trek" actor's memories inspired composer/lyricist Jay Kuo to write "Allegiance—A New American Musical," which has high hopes of making it to Broadway.

Just A Song (Fully Cleared For Public Performance) At Twilight... Obtaining rights for the use of copyright music in theatre productions, both in the US and in the UK, can be a tortuous task. Increasingly, major labels want to negotiate on a per-show basis, but their frame of reference is often limited to film or television, and their awareness of the state of most theatre companies’ financial affairs is virtually nil.

Updated Edition: Show Networks and Control Systems by John Huntington

Briefingroom on LiveDesignOnline: Author, educator, and industry veteran John Huntington has released Show Networks and Control Systems, the completely updated and revised edition of his industry standard reference text, which was previously titled, Control Systems for Live Entertainment. The book includes an in-depth examination of the control and networking technology used in lighting, lasers, sound, stage machinery, animatronics, special effects, and pyrotechnics used in concerts, theme parks, theatre, themed retail, cruise ships, museums, interactive performing arts, and special events.

Not to be passed by

The Stage: The true path towards acceptance and integration of minorities isn’t made, of course, when special pleading is made for them but they’re happily, healthily and naturally integrated into the way of things. It’s why colour-blind casting in the theatre is so brilliant; both Derek Jacobi and currently Jonathan Pryce, playing the title role in King Lear at the Donmar Warehouse and Almeida Theatres respectively, had one of their three daughters played a black actress — respectively Pippa Bennett-Warner (as Cordelia) and Jenny Jules (as Regan), without comment or surprise.

Live Sound: The Old Soundman: Dealing With Getting Walked On

Pro Sound Web: “Getting ahead without being a jerk” is actually what our young friend said he wanted to discuss. I will use the pseudonym “Oz Man” for him due to the volatile nature of his dilemma! Notice that he is so distraught that he offers no salutation!

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