Monday, October 22, 2012

Not For Nothing

You know what bothers me most about the debates? When they are all talking over each other.

This is pretty strange because I do that all the time. I guess I see a difference in a meeting in a conference room and a debate on television. It just felt like every time they went at it that it just lowered them all - diminished the office they aspire too.

In the future I think the moderator should have control over the candidate's mics and when they aren't supposed to be talking they actually can't talk - at least to the people at home.

It is probably unlikely they would agree to that.

Can we read anything into what a candidate will be like through this behavior? I guess I want to think that for someone that will have to cultivate favor with other leaders, with other international leaders as well as members of Congress, Supreme Court Justices, and State Governors to say nothing of religious and corporate leaders, for someone that has to be able to not only actually listen but to make sure the other folks believe he is listening, for someone in that position I think being able to demonstrate the restraint in a public forum to not talk over the others is fairly significant.

My judgement is that in most of those Bickerson moments Governor Romney was pretty much always the last person speaking. I would think if you want to be President, demonstrating that you listen would be fairly important. From what I have seen in the debates I am not sure Mitt Romney thinks he has to listen to anyone.

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