Tuesday, October 23, 2012

PLASA Announces Winners of Rock Our World and Stewart Awards

Lighting&Sound America Online - News: The award to the ETCP Rigging Subject Matter Experts was presented by PLASA North American Regional Board Chair Eddie Raymond who said, "These individuals volunteered numerous hours over the last year to the task of reviewing and updating the certification exams. This endeavor was necessary due to the success of the program and the number of certifications that have been awarded. This also assures that the exams are up-to-date with the latest rigging practices, equipment, and regulations." The ETCP SMEs honored were Patrick Bash, John Bleich, David Boevers, Marcel Boulet, Eric Braun, Olan Cottrill, Dan Culhane, Brad Dittmer, Jim Doherty, Russ Dusek, Tony Galuppi, Kelly Green, Tom Heemskerk, Dan Houser, Glenn Hufford, Ed Kish, Eric McAfee, Joseph McGeough, Brian Miller, Joe Mooneyham, Walter Murphy, Mark O'Brien, Michael Reed, Stephen Rees, Bill Sapsis (chair, arena SMEs), Peter Scheu, Loren Schreiber, Karen Seifried (chair, theatre SMEs), and Gil Vinzant.

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