Thursday, July 19, 2007


Back from Lost Wages and two days of Cirque-O-Rama.

Old things:
Todai Sushi Buffet, Samba Steakhouse @ Mirage, Tour of Ka

New things:
Mirage Buffet, Big meeting w/Cirque, Tour of Love, Love, Little meetings with Cirque, Mystere, Pho @ TI


Love is good, but ultimately I think I like Mystere more (really I like O better than both, but maybe thats a pride thing). Meetings with Cirque were a nice beginning. We'll just have to see what comes of it from here.


Scotty said...

Hey David,

I really enjoyed Love. From an audio perspective, the show was awesome. However, taken as a whole the show wasn't nearly as cohesive as O or Mystere. I think O is amazing and it may be technically superior but it just doesn’t have quite the flow that Mystere has. So overall I think Mystere is still the best Cirque show. Of course that could just be “a pride thing” Still seeing any cirque show is a great experience because w/o a doubt you’ll see something you’ve never seen before.


David said...

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy "Love" and think its something people will like and that technicians and designers should see. I just liked Mystere better.

Really, they are apples and oranges - not comparable.

Peg said...

Apples and oranges, true, but what if you can only choose one show to fork over your precious $100 to? All you need is LOVE. Mystere is certainly more circusy -- and of course there's the taiko drum that I loved -- but if I could only choose one to see again, it'd definitely be LOVE. But that's why God made chocolate and vanilla. And La Nouba, and O, and Quidam (my first Cirque), etc.

But wait, my comment was really going to be about the CMU mafia being more insidious than the Yale one these days... are its tentacles now reaching into such things as Cirque and Vegas?

David said...

I was about to say that $100 don't do the deed. But it does. Bring oxygen.

I would still go to O

I played the Love album today for the drafting class. I'm not sure they knew what it was. I'd listened to it on the plane back from Vegas too, and as nice as the show and the system are I think the way to hear it is on headphones.