Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Do Like My Melissa

Yes I do. As another curious part of the Google Reader experience, I am following the blog on Melissa Etheridge's MySpace page (Melissa has over 27000 friends - that's networking!). I rarely if ever check the MEIN page even though I am a proud fan club member. So I am often a little bit behind on the news. I'm on a mailing list or two, but really I tend to delete them after a real cursory scan (read - "not"). So you can imagine how cool it was to see the story some up on the feed saying they were leaking 30 seconds of a new track off the upcoming album on MySpace.

And how much cooler it was to see on the MySpace page that for MEIN members you could hear the whole song on the fan club page - I knew I paid again for something.

The song is sort of more of the same. It's nothing that will blow your socks off if you aren't already a Melissa fan. I however was floored. Really I think it wasn't so much the song as the idea of the song - and I don't mean the thought behind the song or its construction or lyrics. I just mean: WOW wasn't it just unbefuckingleavably cool to be hearing Melissa Etheridge again!

I can remember being at shows after a long hiatus, and being close enough to make eye contact and just grinning so hard my face hurt. It's been quite a while since Lucky, and when I got to hear a new tune I was just so stoked. I wish she had a new album every 10 months, and would tour behind every single one.

Ok. I am an MLE geek. But today I was a floored, stoked, happy geek. Welcome back old friend.

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