Sunday, July 22, 2007

Link of the Day

I spent some time today clearing old bookmarks. I have a folder labeled "Link of the Day" for sites I think will be good for this page, but it seems I rarely get around to actually posting them. While culling through today I found at least half of the links were now bad. All the more reason to poop the rest out quick.

Without further fanfare:

12On/12Off is a group of film and TV professionals that think that the type of "long haul" day that is standard in the industry ought not to be standard.

They might say it like this:

Our Credo

As individuals, we believe every human being working in the film industry has a right to enjoy a life outside of their work, including family, friendships, and sleep.

As managers, we believe that while occasional long days can be an acceptable part of our work, repeated excessive shifts and frequent insufficient turnaround are not.

As crafts-people, and technicians it is our responsibility to initiate discussions about these concerns and to look out for the well-being of everyone on our sets.

As human beings, we believe that every person’s health, safety, and life are worth more than any product we can produce while jeopardizing same.

As an organization, our responsibilities include developing and disbursing educational materials to promote these three basic rules of humane and responsible film making.

Certainly something worth discussion, and the link of the day.


RandomGirl said...

Do they want to have a 12 off before working again, or do they want the 12 hour day to stop entirely?

David said...

12 on, then 12 off, seems fairly self explanitory.