Saturday, July 21, 2007

Don't Touch That Button

Well, Peg warned us all a while back about the template conversion process going from old Blogger to new Blogger. I listened until today, and now I wish I had listened a little longer. Today I foolishly clicked something labeled "convert template" and POOF!!! everything I had added to the sidebar was gone.

But really, is this such a bad thing?

I've managed to recover a few of the bits from the old template, and its encouraged me to do some editing/revising. I don't think the Bunnyhero Labs figure will be back. Really it was time for me to be over Trinity and also the applet would crash a lot. The tag-board is gone. If I do a new one I will get a better app, but really it was just myself and spammers using the thing. The random image generator never worked on Firefox, so I haven't actually seen it in quite a long time. I would rather people click through the "TANBI Shared Items" instead of some generic news feed - so those are history.

I got to keep the hitmap and the counter, and they didn't reset, which is cool. I'll be looking for a "feed subscriber" widget soon. I'm thinking of adding a recent comment widget. But mostly I haven't thought about it, which is NOT the state to be in when triggering an automatic revision. (By the way, if anyone has any ideas for blog template revisions, now would be a good time to send them).

In the mean time, things seem to load faster and scroll smoother. Maybe we'll have less hanging. Also, I like now that the sidebar doesn't leap to the bottom of the page if your window is to narrow. Come to think of it I bet some people are seeing things they've never seen before. So there's a plus anyway.

So, "Pardon the Mess" and all that. Should have it stabilized in a week or two.

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