Saturday, July 28, 2007

Get Together Hits & Misses

We had people over to the house today for a bar-b-que. I always like having parties like this as they usually have knock on effects for purchases and organization. This time around I bought some shelves to help clean up the garage and as a result probably pushed back an inevitable garage/yard sale at least a year (although I'm not saying that's a good thing, but the stuff that was making us think "we MUST get rid of this stuff" is no longer in our way.

Overall a good time was had by all. Some hits and misses:

Yinzer invitation - hit
Parkway construction - miss

Zane throwing rocks at house - hit
Zane throwing rocks at my truck - miss

Enormously thick burgers - hit
Second round of thick burgers - miss

Grilled veggie skewers - miss
Grilled peaches ala Bobby Flay - hit

Pino, crack blondie thing - hit
Costco cookies - miss

Chicken skewers - hit
Turkey dogs - miss

Truck bed playpen - hit
Truck bed trampoline - miss

Charcoal lighter chimney - miss
Grilling basket for peaches - hit

Please, please take this beer home with you - hit
Please, please take these deserts home with you - miss

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