Thursday, July 26, 2007

To Pissed To Post

Doesn't happen much, but a film I saw tonight made me so livid I had to stop watching and I can't get my shit together enough to write about it. I am not usually way way out of the loop, but I think this time the media machine got me and I was TOTALLY CLUELESS:

Did you know that several years ago GM, Honda, & Toyota all had production, plug-in, totally electric cars for sale in the US? 70 mile range on a charge. I am not talking about concept cars at shows, I am talking about production cars at dealers.

What was I doing that week? RRR THIS MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!!!

Here, you be pissed too: Sony Pictures Classics Presents: Who Killed the Electric Car?

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Peg said...

I hear you. Scott and I saw it when it first came out. Fortunately the producers were wise enough to give you cause for hope at the end; and we saw it with a group of people who by the end were all just yelling back at the screen. Knowing that others were as outraged as we were prevented us from jumping in front of an oncoming 1 train afterward.