Monday, September 29, 2008

Epic Fail?

Onsypoo32 (6:47:00 PM): I can't take it anymore. I've tried and it just isn't working out. Could you see if I can get a refund if I withdraw immediately?
dboevers (6:47:21 PM): I won't be able to tell without starting the paperwork
dboevers (6:47:35 PM): Dick is still here, so I will go see him and get it started right now
dboevers (6:47:45 PM): the faster we do it the more likely you get a refund
Onsypoo32 (6:47:48 PM): ok
dboevers (6:47:56 PM): this is fairly unexpected
Onsypoo32 (6:47:59 PM): I know
Onsypoo32 (6:48:07 PM): the other people are just being so mean to me
Onsypoo32 (6:48:12 PM): I just can't handle it
dboevers (6:48:17 PM): alright
dboevers (6:48:21 PM): I will see what I can do
dboevers (6:48:26 PM): don't worry about it
dboevers (6:48:35 PM): you should hear from the HUB tomorrow morning first thing
Onsypoo32 (6:48:38 PM): thanks
dboevers (6:48:41 PM): 'night

I'll let the HUB decide...

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onsypoo32 said...

don't forget to post the pic!