Monday, September 29, 2008


I've found it really difficult to sit down and actually write something lately. Really, lately I am finding it difficult to sit down and do anything. I was going to write something earlier this weekend about the debate. On Real Time this week, right after the debate Ralph Nader hit the nail right on the head when in declaring the winner as Defense Contractors, Wall Street Barons...

The debate was disappointing.

I might have written about how each time Sarah Palin appears on TV I cringe just a little bit more. Last week on Real Time Bill said if you put a gun to her head and asked her what the SEC was that he thought she'd have no answer. It might have been a funny joke had it not had the remote possibility of truth about it.

For a little bit I was thinking about writing about all the wondrous things in my life lately, things about my folks and work and the house and the cats that are having a never ending pee party. Part of the trouble with activation energy lately is that there really just seems to be one thing on top of the next in a way I just cannot recall from my past. Just seems like there's always another hill behind the current hill - and really its like watching some terrible tectonic activity where even before summiting the current hill a whole new one, and often a taller one, just grows up out of the ground.

I'm pooped.

For a little while I thought about writing up our trip to Pittsburgh's Strip District today. We went looking for Mrs. TANBI's "new fruit" - a new year tradition in her family. We struck out we think.

I could talk about my snazzy new GPS which I've been completely unable to sync with my phone even though it looked like it worked for a minute. It is cool to hear it say "PA-30, Ardmore Road" when the old one would say "exit left."

I've been thinking a lot lately about the economy and the state of the American Dream. It seems odd to me that in the media there doesn't seem to be such a thing as a house priced lower than $400,000. Don't most people live in houses worth less than that?

The bank bailout is fairly gloomy too. I know I didn't screw up. I didn't over-borrow - even though while loan shopping I did come against one of the kind of loans that's a big part of the current problem. To me it looked too good to be true, so I passed. How come I now need to pony up my tax money to bail out people who didn't?

But I won't really be writing about any of those things now. Maybe later though.

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