Friday, December 12, 2008

Semester Reviews - Day One

I'm not at crits this semester due to ongoing family soap opera issues, but crack TANBI staff reporter Tina Shackleford filed this story:

Day one, Grad Day...

Yi-Lin – who was convinced we made a mistake in giving her Into the Woods, but was glad for it, and who’s going to charge admission to her thesis defense.

(ed: if there's a defense, I'll buy a ticket)

Danielle – whose favorite class was Scene Painting, because it didn’t require so much paperwork.

(ed: I don't believe Danielle and I have actually spoken yet - probably my fault)

Cody – whose picture is blurry because he just needs to slow down (can’t be the bad photographer).

(ed: he looks kinda like "the observer" from Fringe)

Sam – who, despite having a board full of great paperwork, wants to learn how to make more.

(ed: because it's all about the paperwork)

James – who is going to learn to upshift, and whose picture is truncated to cut out a designer striking around him.

(ed: change gears or blow the engine, seems simple to me)

Editor's note: Shoes were not exciting last semester, although I do owe someone a t-shirt - a repeat if I recall correctly. In light of that the TANBI shoe competition will be taking a semester off.


Ben said...

Hurray Sam Thompson! (From a former ATD @ CalShakes)

notcritting said...

You just broke half the girls' hearts. Probably some of the guys' too. No point in buying crit shoes if there's no contest and thus no fame and fortune.

Katherine said...

I was so looking forward to the shoe award and now there isn't one. How sad.