Monday, April 25, 2011

Shavy Crockett

When the summer comes our cat Bra'Tac undergoes a transformation into Shavy Crockett:

From There are no bad ideas

He really seems to like it. His sister Freya, she doesn't like it too much. We think it's because it comes with a shampoo and she can't tell who he is anymore. Eventually she gets used to it.

For him it's more than just a surface transformation. He really becomes a totally different cat, much more personable.

Why do we do such a thing? There's something to be said that nobody wants to wear a fur coat all through the summer. But really the issue is that he's such a long hair cat that he gets so matted that we can't brush them out anymore. The only remaining way to deal with it is to go to the clippers.

Plus it's real cute.

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