Monday, July 28, 2014

Oh No! I'm a Bot

Do you think this is how Tigh felt when he found out he was a Cylon?

Not 48 hours after setting up my Blogger>RSS>IFTTT>Buffer>Twitter thing it all fell apart.  Twitter decided I was a bot since all my posts were links and I wasn't following anyone (you think they might cut me some slack as at that moment I was only tweeting to seven people).

Of course I didn't know it was Twitter that was the problem.  Their email saying they'd frozen the account got swept up  in a spam folder.  So naturally I spent a while making sure I hadn't screwed things up somewhere along the chain.  I had a nice twitter exchange with someone at Buffer.  I deleted and re-wrote the IFTTT recipe.  Eventually I looked at my old email spam (I had to tie the new twitter to an old email) and found the freeze notice.

Update password and we're off and running again.  At least until the next SNAFU.

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