Friday, July 18, 2014

Substitute Project

I didn't do the table from yesterday.  I'm still not happy with the solution to the undercarriage and I thought I probably didn't have the time I needed.  Maybe I'll get into it next week.  Did you see the problem on the drawing?  In order for the parallel to fold flat the end hinges must be in the same position.  With the telescoping sides the ends would be offset by 3/4" on each side and that offset would mean an interference that wouldn't let the part fold.  I'll have to percolate on that one for a while.

The reason to do the table was because we were having Friday night dinner at our house.  Instead we made due with our regular solution.

The Friday night cohort includes my Lego Playdate and the instant he came in the door he was angling to do a control tower to go with the airplane we did last time.  So instead of doing a table I got a start on a minifig scale control tower...

It is interesting to me the amount of composition that is dictated by the number of boxes we take out.  Tonight I wanted to keep the thing contained a little, so besides the people and the "specials" I only took out the box of black pieces.  Therefore the control tower will be black.  In hindsight this seems like a poor choice for a control tower as night time visibility will be an issue.  Good thing it's just a model.

Ran out of a lot of pieces here: yellow fences, black 1x1x1's, gray hinges, yellow flats, yellow windows, gray computers.  It's a wonder anything ever gets built in less than a hodgepodge.  I kept thinking during the project - and now is where we get to the unfortunate compromise portion of the project.  FWIW my playdate doesn't seem to understand what my fixation with matching is all about.  Maybe I'm trying too hard.

So I guess we're set up for the next session: build the tower.  I'll get right on that.

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