Sunday, July 06, 2014

Worth a Look

Here are a few articles from last week's Greenpage that might be worth your time...

Twitter Hashtag Encourages Hollywood to #HireTheseWomen A hashtag on Twitter is helping highlight women working in Hollywood and encouraging the industry to take note of them.
When Women and Hollywood unveiled their totally depressing infographic about the lack of women directors hired by major studios recently, most people weren't all that surprised. The information revealed that by and large, the major Hollywood studios (the Big 6 as they are known) are not hiring women to helm major releases.

Should a Degree Influence Casting?

DENNIS BAKER: Hey guys, my name’s Clara. I’m a long time reader, first time guest blogger (well, here, anyway). I’m friends with a bunch of amateur, semi-professional and professional actors and recently a debate was started over brunch. I think, and maintain, that an actor with a four-year degree (or better) should get a little extra consideration by those behind the table at auditions.
For argument’s sake, let’s say after callbacks two actors are in contention for a lead role. All other things being equal (implausible, I know), who should get the role: the actor with a degree or the yeoman?

USITT Responds to Tony Decision to Cut Sound Awards When the Tony Awards administration decided on June 11 to eliminate future Tonys for sound design, USITT realized it had to publicly address the shock and dismay sweeping through the theatrical design and tech community.
The next morning, USITT Executive Director David Grindle wrote a letter to the American Theatre Wing expressing USITT’s position that cutting the sound design Tonys dismisses and disrespects the artistic contributions of sound designers in Broadway shows, and that the decision should be reversed.

Ask The Experts: Is It A Bad Idea To Live With My Co-Workers?

Fast Company | Business + Innovation: When you are starting out, or living in an expensive city (we're looking at you New York and San Francisco) roommates can be a necessity. But while your co-workers are awesome to spend 9 to 5 with, do you want to deal with their dirty dishes and late night guests?

In Memoriam: Jay O. Glerum, 1939-2014

Stage Directions: Jay O. Glerum died June 26, 2014, in Bothell, Washington, after a brief illness. Born August 16, 1939, Glerum attended Montgomery Junior College and later the University of Washington, where he met his wife Sara (Sallie) Johnson. In addition to teaching at Seattle and Marquette Universities, Glerum started his career working at Peter Albrecht Company, a theatrical rigging-design company based in Milwaukee, eventually becoming one of the world’s foremost experts in theatrical rigging.

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