Sunday, September 04, 2005

If You Build It, They Will Come

Work continues on the Crazy Scheme. I'm about 2/3 though the planning board - Crazy Scheme Air Traffic Control:

We have the Mother of All Calendars - you've already met. Now we also have the Mother of all Crazy Scheme printouts (it turns out I am the Wizard of Output, I should get a printing job), academic calendar, School of Drama Activity dates, Conservatory Hour Schedule, Crew Head Assignments, and Crew Assignments. I still need schedules for the Arts Histories lectures that are in the Chosky and the dates for The Academy of Lifelong Learning. Once I get those my contributions will be complete and all we will need then are the project checklists from each show.

Oops. I nearly forgot today's contribution. That enormous grid under the mother of all calendars. That's a 3-week rotating scheduling grid. There are three panels, one for each of the next three weeks. Each lists the Crazy Schemers, the projects, and the crew available. We'll be able to indicate what is happening on each project and who is doing it in a three week cycle. As weeks elapse, the panels slide over and the first becomes the last, is erased (they are dry marker boards), and is filled out for the next week. Not bad for an afternoon's work and a little over $30.

Now I just have to find a way to make sure the stuff gets used.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad that 8th weekday isn't another day to the weekend... Or even another day to add to the build week.