Monday, January 30, 2006

I Wouldn't Have Thought it was Possible

Today, I decided I despised some entity more than the cable company. Now that's not saying the cable people are off my list. They called today to try to pitch us a DVR: "its only $.33/day!" They can bite me. I think for the 2 gazillion dollars a month they already get that they are getting quite enough. And that's for their Comcastic! service, the one where the audio drops out and the picture tiles up with regularity and they say they can't do anything about it. Yes, if I happen to call you Comcastic, its not a compliment.

So really, someone must have really scored in order to unseat the top spot. Any thoughts?

This is even better I guess because it is an entire industry instead of just one company, but seeing as how the camel's back broke today I guess we will say it is Exxon.

A little while back I actually wrote my senator to complain about the way gas prices at the pump were mounting, and how I couldn't think of anything else that had gone up at the rate of auto fuel. I actually got a response back in which it was explained in very small words that the price of gas is dependent on many many factors including commodities trading, refinery capacity, fuel additives, taxes, national and world supply and demand.


Are they really that dense?

Gas today is $.40/gallon more expensive than one year ago. Today Exxon reported the highest corporate profit in American history.

Is it really any more complicated than that? Something is broken, and I mean aside from my patience with the oil companies.

Nearly every report of oil corporate profits this year has been one kind of record or another. Some companies are actually up over 300% from the prior year. Do you realize that would mean that if they kept the price of gas the same as a year ago they would still have been up something like 250%.

How much money is enough? How much is enough in the face of a declining quality of life for every single person living in the states? How much is enough in the face of the fuel component contributing to the rise in prices of every single thing bought and sold in the US?

I know I am a libertarian at heart, but this is disgusting.

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