Saturday, June 04, 2011


So we went to see Bridesmaids. We went to the theatre not knowing which movie to go see, and I think we were going to see the new X-Men but Roger Ebert says not to see movies with a "D" after them when you can see something from a traditional projector. Since I do everything Roger Ebert says we saw Bridesmaids.

They're marketing this film like it is a female "The Hangover" but it isn't. I expected to see lots of Las Vegas hyjinks, but that's not what you get. It's much more about the relationships of a couple of key characters than it is about some kind of ridiculous weekend.

It *is* like The Hangover in a couple of ways, mostly by way of the gross out factor. There's a scene fairly early on that pushes back some boundaries with regard to bodily functions and polite society. There's also one bridesmaid that matches up with the unkept groomsman in The Hangover, but really even that is only about half of who she is.

This movie also has a romantic story that runs parallel with the main story. I kind of felt like this was the weaker part of the film, or moreover like this was part of a different film because it really didn't fit with the movie we thought we were going to see. The male part of this romance was drawn a little two dimensionally and maybe unrealistically well meaning.

Overall I guess when the film is doing the gross out plot it's fairly strong and when it's doing other things it's fairly innocuous. I imagine the deleted scenes on the DVD will be even funnier than the film in context.

Also there was Wlson Phillips, and Wilson (wait, now I'm thinking maybe I missed a gag).

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