Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Packing Begins

So whether the contractors are done or not, we're moving Sunday. (If you are keeping score on the whole finishing thing today we confirmed we won't have storm doors, a master bath, or completed paint - watch this space for updates).

This is an interesting move. Last Sunday we had a truck from Chicago. That was the stuff from my Dad's house. During the week (at least that was the plan, one we've had to change do to progress at the house) we'll be moving some of the things from the apartment. The last phase will be this coming Sunday. That'll be the balance of the things from the apartment (you know, the heavy things) and all of our stuff from the old house that has been in storage for six months.

Truth be told I don't so much even remember what's in storage besides winter clothes and a huge toolbox. Somehow I think it's more than that.

Side note. The iPad doesn't do as well as a camera as my other devices.

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