Thursday, June 16, 2011

Work Continues Apace

For those of you keeping track work on our new house is supposed to be complete this Saturday. It won't be, and really I haven't thought it would be for a while. It looks like it's going to be at least another week after that, and for a couple of items maybe even a little longer.

These may be the last pics I post for a while as the work is really winding up and things are almost finished. So much so that for people that see the blog that would see the house it might lose some of the "wow" factor - and for other people it will just look like something that isn't quite finished. So here's what happened just the other day.

The countertops for the kitchen were delivered.

This was a step involving much consternation as their truck and its boom wouldn't fit in our driveway with the dumpster there. This was a sub of a sub and the foreman wasn't on site when they arrived and phone calls and texts flew and then I had to go and be the TD. TD is the right metaphor as well because their guys got all crew-like and threatened to leave and then refused to do the job saying they'd get fired if that's what it took and then in the end did it anyway and got it done. Here's the very start of the install.

In the other room the floor is starting to go down, or the finished floor. We'd previously repaired floor joists, reattached a layer of planked underlayment, installed a new layer of plywood underlayment, treated the seams in that layer and then used some kind of mortar or flooring compound to level everything out, then applied a layer of felt underlayment, and now finally the floor: bamboo.

From the size of the room I figured two guys a day - day and a half to put down the whole thing. We're on day three and they are about half done. Residential floors are not the same as a show deck it would seem.

The much discussed stair guys have finally arrived and started their fit up.

I have to to tell you I have no idea what this is going to look like anymore, but I think it will be nice. Plus it will be nice to stop using the ladder to get to the second floor.

Last for this recap, the tile for the upstairs shower arrived.

Tiny pebbles. Hopefully a little foot massage every time we're in the shower.

Cross you fingers, the first wave of movers comes this weekend.

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