Thursday, June 30, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

I'm bringing back the "dinosaur workshop" for Precollege this summer. We've had at least a three year layoff, maybe longer. Last year I was away and I think the year before I had nobody to assist, so it had just faded into the fringe. This year I'm around and we seem to have the support so we're on - for Friday, July 15th.

We'll be doing the Triceratops (I don't care if it's actually a teresaur or whatever) and the stegosaur. I think we'll skip the Brachiasaur this time, and no T-Rex since it won't stand on it's own.

I want to pick two of these four puzzles to be new patterns. I think we'll go with the Parasurolophus and the Pteranodon. The Brontosaurus and the Dimetrodon are like two puzzles we've already done. Plus it'll be nice to have a upright that works and that Parasurolophus appears to stand on its tail, so maybe it will stay up. I've had visions of a flying puzzle hanging in a tree for a while now, so the Pteranodon is a no brainer, but we'll have to come up with some kind of base to show it.

Here's hoping for a bunch of fun. Watch this space for photos.

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