Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Do you play Euchre?

I had friends that played in high school but I never got into it. But as it turns out Euchre is the official card game of the Yale School of Drama and so when I went there I learned. The learning process was nit without pain. At one point I had figured out that it was generally a good thing to void yourself in as many suits as possible, so when my partner (the head of the program and what passes for a professional Euchre player) had me pick up, seeing that I had only one trump I discarded it to void in a suit. Oops.

I've had a couple of computer Euchre programs. The latest is on the tablet and last night it dealt me this:

Mine to order up and to lead. I can't remember having a five card lay down before.

Then, in the same game it dealt me this:

Which I think is even slightly stronger than the other hand.

Twice in one game to have five card lay down loners is pretty unusual. Perhaps the machine knows it's been stressful week and it was just trying to be nice.

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