Monday, June 13, 2011

Media Overload

If you are me, this is how you handled Chris Rock's Problem:

What was Chris Rock's problem? He said "If a year ago you had told me I would miss the greatest basketball game of all time to hang with Nathan Lane..." On the TV you have the Tony's. On the laptop, slinging from the bedroom you have game 6 of the NBA Playoffs. The solution worked pretty well, although it made me wonder why if we have a dual tuner DVR cable box why I can't do picture in picture like we could 20 years ago. Also, the Slingbox and app introduce a delay that was a little annoying when switching back and forth. I really could only use it to see when one cast was coming back from commercial. If I tried to catch something closer I usually just missed it (and yes the sling and the DVR are both caching, but going back seemed to be a fairly self defeating exercise).

In the end I think I saw just as much Tonys as I would have liked and maybe never really got into the rhythm of the basketball game.

One thought on each?

Tonys: I really think we ought to pay attention more to Mark Rylance. I've enjoyed his Tony speeches.

Hoops: I believe LeBron is still young. Micheal had to slog year after year through Detroit before the Bulls became a thing. He's just not there yet. He's got the talent, but he needs to build the resume some more.

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